NocturnaL Atlantis Review by HiFiChris
@HiFiChris says the NocturnaL Atlantis has "...four-digit performance despite three-digit price." If you've been looking for an IEM with a "...highly detailed and precise midrange..." read more here.
Ourart TI7 Review by B9Scrambler
If you're in the market for a new earbud, check out the one @B9Scrambler calls "...all-around a very nice ear bud and a worthy purchase, especially for fans of a mid-centric sound." Click for more.
ToolShed Audio Euphoria Stereo 45 DHT Review by dmhenley
"I consider the Euphoria Stereo 45 to be an heirloom quality amp," writes @dmhenley. "It delivers world class performance and a build quality to match." Click here to read the review and see why.
Rock Rau0501 Review by alex2750
Head-Fi'er @alex2750 says "I was blown away not just the first time I used these IEMs but every time since..." about the Rock Rau0501. Click here to read about what he calls these "must-have" in-ears.
HiFiMAN RE2000 Review by tassardar
@tassardar writes "...there is no IEM I’ve heard that does this musical, lush sound better to my ears..." and goes on to say "...the RE-2000 is clearly ahead of the pack." Click here to see why.
Schiit Happened: Audiophile Confessions
In the latest chapter of Schiit Happened, @Jason Stoddard confesses and discusses one of his long-kept audio secrets. Find out what it is in Schiit Happened 2017, Chapter 11: Audiophile Confessions.
beyerdynamic DT 1990 Review by bpandbass
The beyerdynamic DT 1990 can fly under the radar, but @bpandbass didn't pass it by. He says "the DT 1990 in my opinion is a neutral headphone tuned for the music we listen to today." Click to see why.
ORIVETI NEW PRIMACY Review by audio123
@audio123 says "In a market where there are many triple hybrid iems, the New Primacy stands out by having a smooth and clinical treble and you can listen for a long listening session." Read more here.
Head-Fi'ers get 25% off Female Vocal Collection from Chesky Records
For a limited time, Head-Fi'ers can get 25% off Chesky Records’ Female Vocal Collection at HDtracks. If you adore female vocals, this is an excellent album to add to your library. Details here.
Cayin N3 Review by Howlin Fester
If you've been looking for a compact & wallet-friendly DAP, check out @Howlin Fester's review to see why he says "for the price, the N3 was able to provide everything that I was looking for in a DAP."
EARNiNE EN120 Review by HiFiChris
If you’re in the market for a new IEM, check out @HiFiChris’s review of the EARNiNE EN120, one he calls “...balanced, clear, clean, [with a] really nicely neutral sound with a somewhat bright touch.
Topping DX7 Review by crabdog
Gather ‘round for @crabdog’s review of the Topping DX7 DAC/amp combo, “ excellent and affordable solution for anyone wanting to dip their feet in the waters of balanced sound...” Read more here.
Meet Impressions: DC Area (August 12, 2017)
Head-Fi’ers have begun posting their impressions from the DC area meet that took place this weekend. Click here to see photos and impressions from @PJABBER, @PropelledWolf, @willsw and others.
TFZ Series 4 Review by cinder
Looking for a “...well-built, good sounding, and reasonably priced IEM”? Read @cinder’s review of the TFZ Series 4 in-ear monitor and learn why he says “...Every song I heard [was] an absolute joy.
Introducing the Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amplifier
Massdrop worked with Alex Cavalli to develop a tube hybrid amp with Cavalli Audio sound--for $249.99. It drops Monday (August 14), so click to read impressions, reviews, and get more information.
YinLvMei D200+ Review by Moonstar
@Moonstar reviewed the YinLvMei D200+, saying "the D200+ is for music lovers that want a pure music experience, lot of power and a bit DIY for a great price!" Read the full review to see why.
SIMGOT EN700 Bass Review by JayceOoi
See why @JayceOoi says the SIMGOT EN700 Bass is “one of the best $100 IEM you can get...” with its “...smooth and toward warm sound signature...” and “...excellent build quality.” Click to read more.
CanJam London 2017 Coverage: CEDIA Tech Council Podcast
The CEDIA Tech Council Podcast’s Walt Zerbe and Ed Wenck talked with Peter Aylett (of Archimedia) and Alan Sircom (Hi-Fi+ magazine) about gear they checked out to at CanJam London 2017! Click here.