New Showcase Reviews

  1. chengsta
    "Great for iems"
    Coming from the X5 v1, the X7 mk2 is so much better in every way. Comparatively the UI is so much faster, and I love the touch screen. Even using the balanced output which is supposed to draw a lot of power, I can get 10 hours out of the player... View Full Review
  2. B9Scrambler
    "Walnut F1: Power For Days"
    Greetings! Today we're taking a brief look at the Walnut F1, a stupidly powerful budget amplifier that has been more than capable of powering anything I've tossed it's way. My first Walnut experience was with the V2S, a screenless DAP/AMP. Like... View Full Review
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  3. Loquah
    "A great headphone amp (earphones, not so much)"
    I was fortunate enough to have the V5 lent to me by fellow Head-Fier, @d_marc0 and I really enjoyed the time I spend with it. I'll post my full video review below, but my summary points are: Fantastic sound quality Beautifully made Very compact... View Full Review
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  4. Viber
    "The solution that will satisfy most people."
    I got this product as a review unit from, i specifically requested to review this device in light of the ongoing degradation in the state of audio chips built into current Smartphones and PC motherboards. I see many people in... View Full Review
  5. Viber
    "A solid choice for sports use and fashion wear"
    I got these earphones as a review unit from, i specifically requested to review these in light of the popularity of Meizu's previous BT model – the EP51 I recommend buying from GB as they always provided me with the proper... View Full Review
  6. mysticstryk
    "ZMF Auteur review"
    Disclaimer: Zach provided the Auteur to me for free to try out for a couple weeks and I offered to write a review. My sound preferences are neutral with a warm tilt. My main gear consists of the Schiit Gumby, Eddie Current ZDS, HD600, 650 &... View Full Review
  7. rssarma
    "Good DAC with room for improvement"
    A couple of years ago I purchased a Schiit Magni 2 Uber that I didn't really like and to top it off, I had a bad experience with customer service that just put me off Schiit all together. Fast forward a couple of years later, I purchased a... View Full Review
  8. Ambient Lights
    "The Most Universal of All Universal IEMs"
    ____________________________________________________ Background A current university student on a limited budget here. Subsequently, I don't have nearly as many frame of references as others have (but I do check out the nearby audio store and... View Full Review
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  9. Wiljen
    "SmartOmi Q5 - a Bluetooth bud with its own style"
    [ATTACH] First off, a heart-felt thank you to SmartOmi for sending me two of their latest in ears to audition. Both pairs were sent in exchange for an honest review and I have no affiliation with SmartOmi. I always appreciate the opportunity... View Full Review
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  10. Wiljen
    "SmartOmi ACE - They nearly ACE'd it. Well done."
    [ATTACH] First off, a heart-felt thank you to SmartOmi for sending me two of their latest in ears to audition. Both pairs were sent in exchange for an honest review and I have no affiliation with SmartOmi. I always appreciate the opportunity... View Full Review
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  11. Wiljen
    "Riversong AirX 2 - best for use making phone calls"
    [ATTACH] First off, a heart-felt thank you to George and Gearbest for providing these in ears. New gear is always fun and the opportunity to try out gear as it comes to market is indeed a privilege.... View Full Review
  12. audio123
    "Fidue Virgo A85 - Soothing & Detailed"
    Introduction Fidue is a Chinese company that specializes in producing in-ear monitors. Their popular models are the Fidue A83 and their flagship, Fidue Sirius A91. Recently, they have produced the Fidue A85 Virgo which is a triple hybrid iem... View Full Review
  13. aceedburn
    "Fiio F9 Pro - The best IEM under USD150"
    Ok, here goes my first impressions on the F9 Pro. Please note that I only listened to the earlier F9 for a brief time and found that to be a little sibilant and a tad too bright for me. Build quality of the F9 Pro is stellar and the new titanium... View Full Review
  14. Grimbles
    "Deeply conflicted device"
    This is my first review, but I have such a conflicted relationship with this device, I wanted to put it down in words! As this review focusses on use as an amp, I'm not going to use the typical "highs miss lower structure. If you read this... View Full Review
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  15. ryanjsoo
    "Simgot EN700 Pro Review – Natural Talent"
    Introduction – The $100 iem market is saturated with offerings, all carrying different flavours of sounds within varying form factors. However, a few models stand above the rest, either through exceptional technical ability enabling responsive... View Full Review
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  16. 0x6170
    "F9-Pro: great bang for the money"
    TL;DR Amazing value for money. If F9-Pro is your first IEM, you will not be dissapointed. Punchy bass, satisfying mids and highs. Great job FiiO! Long version of short-term review I would not describe myself as audiophile. I just like... View Full Review
  17. PinkyPowers
    "The Will to Rule"
    [ATTACH] ~::I originally published this on THL. Now I wish to share it with my Head-Fi fellows. Enjoy::~ ::Disclaimer:: No disclaimer. I bought this ****er. hehe 64Audio tia Fourté sells for $3,599 Specs: 10 Ohms @ 1Khz 4-Way... View Full Review
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  18. Cinder
    "Completing the Circle"
    [IMG] Meze 99 Series 7N OCC Silver Plated Cable Review: Completing the Circle Meze has made waves in the audiophile community by releasing reasonably priced, durable, high-performance products. In particular, the 99 Classics and the 99 Neo are... View Full Review
  19. FLTWS
    "“I like that old time sturm und drang,…”"
    My Impressions of the Rogue RH-5 by FLTWS 10/31/17 “I like that old time sturm und drang,…” Pros: Glorious sound with my headphones especially HD800, great flexibility with inputs/outputs, nice styling. Other features are just about perfect; I... View Full Review
  20. HiFiChris
    "Oo Ee Oo Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang"
    Preamble: Originally posted on my mixed content German and English audio review site, the "Kopfhörer-Lounge", here comes my re-post of my review of the TFZ Series 2 in-ear, an affordable single dynamic driver model that is available in many... View Full Review
  21. B9Scrambler
    "Campfire Audio Polaris: V for Victory"
    Greetings! Today we're checking out Campfire Audio's newest hybrid earphone, the Polaris. Campfire Audio is an American company out of Portland, Oregon. It is the brainchild of Ken Ball, CEO and founder of ALO Audio, a company renowned for... View Full Review
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  22. Stevensteady
    "Another milestones of Venture Electronics"
    Venture Electronics Monk Ie Smalls impression: Received the package on 16/11 but due to outstation to work, only able to test the first glimpse on 18/11. 1. Package: -Smalls x 1 -Biggie x 1 -Spc 2 pin balance cable x 1 -Espresso 2 pin... View Full Review
  23. Dillan
    "Holy grail acquired: Angstrom Stella"
    Introduction By: Dillan [IMG] Starting my headphone journey was a path I never knew would lead me to the destination I currently find myself. A distinct passion for music and a deep appreciation for high-end products was a recipe for my... View Full Review
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  24. alex2750
    "Better sound than ANC"
    Disclaimer: Although I received these headphones in exchange for my review, all opinions I put forth are my own and I always review as honestly and unbiasedly as possible.... View Full Review
  25. Dobrescu George
    "HiFiMAN RE2000 – Amazing – Ample – Absolute"
    HiFiMAN brings a totally unique device to the market, their flagship and technological innovation, HIFIMAN RE2000. As it comes at a pretty hefty price point, RE2000 must provide one of the most amazing experiences audiophiles ever lived to... View Full Review