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FiiO E17

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  • USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

    USB Receiver- Tenor TE7022
    DAC- Wolfson WM8740
    Operational Amplifiers- ADI AD8692+AD8397

    Input: USB, AUX, SPDIF (Coax + Optical)
    USB Support (max): 24bit / 96kHz
    SPDIF Support (max): 24bit / 192kHz
    Channels balance: +/-10dB Left/Right
    Gain selection: 0dB, 6dB, 12dB (12dB gain not available to USB-in)
    EQ: Treble - +/-10dB (14.6kHz); Bass - +/-10dB (20Hz); in 2dB step
    Line-out: Bypassable to pre-out.
    Output Power: 277mW (16Ω); 215mW (32Ω); 35mW (300Ω)
    Headphone Impedance Range: 16 Ω ~ 300 Ω
    SNR: ≥109dB (A weighted) on AUX-in; ≥104dB (A weighted) on USB-in
    Distortion: <0.001% (10mW)on AUX-in; <0.007% (10mW) on USB-in
    Frequency Range: 10Hz ~ 100kHz (amp); 10Hz ~ 20kHz (DAC)
    Power Supply: Internal 1500mAH rechargeable Li-ion battery
    Battery life: 15 hours
    Recharging: USB 5V
    Size: 96mm x 55mm x 15.2mm
    Weight: 112g

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  1. theminstrel
    "A real step up from shoddy basic computer and smartphone audio"
    Pros - Reliable, Easy to use, good battery life, relatively portable , provides clearer and more powerful sound for a low price
    Cons - Doesn't take you all the way to audiphile nirvana
    A very good DAC and headphone AMP for the price. A clear improvement in sound quality from my laptop for headphones, even ones that already sounded good, this gives a much cleaner,clearer and more powerful signal in all frequency ranges. Works very will with my Samsung Galaxy and Sony Walkman DAP and gives their volume levels a much needed boost. Battery life is around the claimed 15 hours if used with moderate gain. For headphones with under 150 ohm impedence I cannot imagine I would need anything more.
    Doesn't fit with great comfort comfortably in a pocket, however.
    Also, having recently upgraded to a rather high end DAP this doesn't seem quite so special any more however it is far from horrible and will most likely give a box-standard weak audio interface a much needed upgrade into a clean signal with all the "necessary" detail, warmth and dynamics.
  2. TestShoot
    "Extremely pleased"
    Pros - power, sound quality
    Cons - eq, screen burn in
    I am a budget audiophile, I am not interested in carrying around different headsets for different genres, I wanted a well rounded set up for my office. I docked in the E09 amp, and drive some big Vmodas. I def hear an improvement over stock audio from my Alienware on flacs and even Spotify premium. More power is less distortion as a general rule.
    I have the unit itself at 40 for the volume, and it is burning in a little on the screen, but no biggie. I will def get the new one that is all Android. I would like a little more than bass/treble, but it is pretty good.
    Samsung phones have a pretty good audio app already, same with Android in general, but I like mating this to the phone to get better rates and obviously more power.
    iPhones/iPad just can't output higher rates, so you have to use this as a pass-through from headphone jack to the unit.
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  3. GisleFoto
    "Perfect if used with E11 as well."
    Pros - Lighter, tighter and more dynamic than the E11.
    Cons - Mongo-menu
    You need another amp to dig out the darkest tightest bass if you love LOUD music. But it´s a very cheap and ok thing to own. With the E11 I´m only using the amp, but that combo is eminent. Can´t understand why, because E11 sucks by itself.
    Rock on Coke
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